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Teletrac comprises of seasoned experts in the areas of GPS car tracking installation and monitoring irrespective of the client’s vehicle brand and model. We are passionate about our work with strong commitment towards excellence and financial success.

What We Do

Teletrac Fleet Solutions Limited is a specialized telematics and vehicle tracking fleet management solutions provider. Our core competencies lie within but not limited to the following service range; tracking devices, vetting, audits, training, health and safety, etc.

After-Sale Support

We emphasize exceptional service delivery for all our clients. We focus on relationship building as the core in our customer relations policy ensuring we match our solutions to the unique (specific) client needs while ensuring maximum customer satisfaction and reliable timely responses.

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Teletrac Fleet Solutions Limited is a specialized fleet management service provider situated at 24th Henlon Close.

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We cover different industry sectors and flexible to accommodate more customer segments. These include but not limited to:

  • Teletrac Fleet Solutions for Oil and Gas

    Energy, Oil and Gas

  • Teletrac Fleet Solutions for Manufacturers


  • Fleet Solutions for Transporters and Logistics

    Transporters & Logistics

  • Fleet Solutions for Government and Parastatal agencies

    Government Sectors

  • Teletrac Fleet Solutions for Taxi and Car Rental Companies

    Taxi and Car Rental Companies

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    Retail Goods


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Our niche target audience is the Institutions i.e. Government Agencies, Large Corporations and Multi Nationals within the East African Region.